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Well this shall be OUR new home... a place where we can go to talk to each other and relay messages... mostly just a project for me atm... so ne ideas or nething else feel free to post in forums.

Welcome to -Final Cut- Guild site. We are a fun loving guild of easy going hard working shaiya players.  Our home server is Shaiya Absolution, and to be stated by me is the best pserver around. If u havent yet played there it would well be worth the download/registration process.  Well thats about all for now.. I will be adding more to this as i think of it :P
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how to vote in *say cheese* event

Mr.Twister, Jul 30, 11 2:38 PM.
 u can vote with esteem from 1 to 5 .  max result WON!!!


Mr.Twister, Jul 29, 11 9:15 PM.
oke ppl first of  a lot contest begins.......
RULES: make ONE screenshoot of  you or whatever u think thats funny,interesting,crazy,unusual  in game and update in gallery of guild site

REWARD: ele 2 of choice (for top or weapon consider under choice)

HOW TO WIN: picture with most votes (cant vote for yourself lol)

TIME: from today GRB till next one (7 days)

have fun ^^ i luv u all ^^


Mr.Twister, Jul 23, 11 7:28 PM.
we done this GRB very good and show all others how strong we are !!! Final Cut for now its  NOT open for new recruit,coz  we have many ppl in guild with i must solved few things.I giving from this GRB now and in future lower rank  for all who dont show on GRB.Coz GRB is one of  most important things of this show how united and how we work like a group. plz ppl who didnt show pm some officer and explain it why coz i already disrank all who dont show.and i see ppl who log off 3-4 min before GRb. i will NOT tolerate that
                                       will be automaticly kicked from guild
GRAZZZ one more time......we show them all how we rock :D


mroutc4st, Jul 23, 11 5:40 PM.
WAY TO FREAKING GO!!!! We totally pwned this grb with 600k+ points... 90 k away from top guild core for a placing of 2nd.... we are doing so well in grb from where we were a month ago... complete 180 turn.... I know if we keep it up we will take #1 spot from CORE... to everyone at GRB thank you very much for attendance... for everyone who wasnt... you must pm the g/l or an officer why u were not here or u will be ranked down... rank to 9 is result of automatic termination from guild... WE are being fair about this... but its kinda ridiculous when ppl log off 4 minutes before GRB wth ppl... GRB is were we show our hard work not only as individuals but as a group... BY far this is the best guild i have been in... the vastness of our player base to me is phenomenal and we have done a great job of weeding out the irritants of normal guild life to bring ourselves to what we have now, sooo keep up the good work guys and lets show Absolution what we really have in the weks to come


70 Gears/Armor

mroutc4st, Jul 23, 11 2:12 AM.
Okay so well, 70 weapons are dropping consitently now and new client has been released :) Hopefully QS and QC will be a little less buggy and a lil more dropping in the days to come, with the introduction of the 70 gear it gives the server a whole new atmosphere, Noone is the best nemore, we all have work to do, and the light side, hell not only the light side but the guild, shud use this time to work hard farm their asses off and show UoF jus what some AoL can really do. 

-Breaking News-

mroutc4st, Jul 10, 11 11:02 AM.
Wellll :) Last night was the first release of 70 weapons to our beloved server.. I had the pleasure of being in the CT raid after maint with a bunch of other great players. I will say that I have one of the 70 weapons from first raid :) Its a blunt 2h fighter weapon... Sooo i prolly wont be sticking with it because well I like 2h swords, but the attack power increase is phenomenal.... once fully linked these 70 weapons shoudl give you a whole new outlook on what DPS shud be lol.
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-Final Cut- is practicing Closed recruitment ATM... plz message an officer or g/l in game for details
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